Market Bulls Academy (MBA)

Market Bulls Academy (MBA) is dedicated to providing quality education in thed financial markets. Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve financial independence through a better understanding of the stock market, capital market, derivatives, commodities, currency/Forex, mutual funds, and insurance.

Founded in 2010, our experienced team has 11 years of expertise in the financial industry and has successfully produced over 240 professionals and 1,000 intraday and positional traders annually. We are the pioneers in introducing short-term job-oriented diploma programs, emphasizing live market practicals and providing placement opportunities as research analysts, dealers, arbitrageurs, and managers.

In addition to our comprehensive in-person classes, we also offer e-learning opportunities and certificate courses in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, research analyst, NSE, BSE, NISM, BCSM, MCX, NCDEX, MCX, CDSL NSDL DP Module Preparation, risk management, and more. Our students and traders are our biggest asset, and we are proud to serve over 1,000 clients and counting.

We understand the importance of practical experience, which is why we offer the best facilities, including state-of-the-art labs and experienced faculty. Conveniently located near hostels and messes, we also provide accommodation options for our students.

Our Goals And Achievements

At MBA, our mission is to care for your financial future from the moment you join us. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources needed to succeed, and we are dedicated to being your first step on the path to financial freedom.

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What Make Us Spcecial?

Our Senior Research Analyst, Er. Sekhar Pathak 10 Years of Experience

10 Years Of Experience

BA’s Senior Analyst Er. Sekhar Pathak has experience of stock market of more than 10 years. He and his team are committed to design courses and trading strategies which are very simple and easyto understand.

There are various technical analysis tools available. Here comes a simplistic tool developed by MBA where all the tools are put together and made one tool to get the highest accuracy. It is easy to understand even a beginner can work on it prettyeasily.

  • Option chain, 01, Vega , Implied Volatility based trading have more than 500 client bases in just 8 months.
  • We also in tie up with the companies which help us with their exams centers and technical tools located in Mumbai (Trade4wealth), IFMC from Delhi
  • Theories and strategies such as Accumulation and distribution, Elliot Wave Theory etc. increase the understanding of beginners to execute profitable trade maximum number of times.
  • MBA is getting so popular worldwide that it is grabbing the attention of Beginner and professional traders rapidly.

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Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder

Meet Our Team

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we work collaboratively to solve complex problems and exceed expectations. Together, we strive to create innovative solutions and drive success for our clients.

Shekhar Pathak